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FPS Limits

Game site FPS Limits

All our game sites use SKAN chronographs to correctly measure the velocity of your Airsoft RIFs.

All players must chrono their guns on site before play begins.

Below is a list of maximum velocities with the most commonly used BB weights:

StrikeForce CQB and The Trail Woodland:

Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), including HPA – RIFs capable of shooting Full Auto:

  • 350 FPS using .20g BB
  • 313 FPS Using .25g BB
  • 295 FPS using .28g BB
  • 285 FPS using .30g BB

The Trail Woodland (only):

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles), HPA & Bolt Action Sniper Rifles.

DMR, including HPA (must be locked to single shot only):

  • 450 FPS using .20g BB
  • 402 FPS using .25g BB
  • 367 FPS using .30g BB
  • 318 FPS using .40g BB
  • 300 FPS using .45g BB

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles:

  • 500 FPS using .20g BB
  • 447 FPS using .25g BB
  • 408 FPS using .30g BB
  • 353 FPS using .40g BB
  • 333 FPS using .45g BB

HPA (High Pressure Air) :

Players using HPA follow FPS limits as above. HPA valves must be mechanically locked so it cannot be tampered with or adjusted during game play.

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