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Safety and Info

At StrikeForce Airsoft we take your safety very seriously, we want you to enjoy your day and leave just as you arrived.

Minimum age requirements.

The minimum age for playing at StrikeForce Airsoft game sites is 10 years old.

Players under 18 years old.

Players under 18 years old must wear long sleeves and trousers.

Masks and Eye protection.

Players under 18 years old must wear full face masks.

We recommend all players use lower face protection to protect your nose and teeth.

FPS Limits

See FPS Limits here.

Pyrotechnic and other bangs.

Enola Gaye Pyrotechnic is available to purchase at both game sites and can only be sold and used by players who are 18 years or older.

Enola Gaye (or TLSFX) MK5 or Ball Grenades are allowed at both StrikeForce CQB and The Trail Woodland.

Smoke Grenades are NOT allowed at StrikeForce CQB.

Smoke Grenades ARE allowed at the Trail Woodland.

Hard case grenades using shotgun primers, 9mm blanks are allowed at all sites.

We reserve the right to stop players using any pyrotechnic if they are deemed to be unsafe or being used in an unsafe manner.

Laser Sights and Pointers.

Only red lasers is allowed at our game sites.  Lasers must not be pointed at anyone’s eyes.

Green lasers are NOT allowed on site.

Laser pointers must be rated class 1 or 2, not 2M or higher and the wavelength must not be thinner that 630nm (this is the red spectrum only).

Safety brief.

All players must attend the safety brief before being allowed to play on our game sites.

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