What is UKARA?

UKARA, or the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association, is a database of all registered Airsoft players throughout the UK.  Also known as a “defence” to purchase an RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm).

UKARA registered game sites and retailers, such as StrikeForce Airsoft (Swindon Airsoft Supplies Ltd) use the UKARA database to check if an individual is eligible to purchase a RIF.

UKARA was formed in 2006 as a response to the ‘Violent Crime Reduction’ Act (VCRA), which states that replica firearms may only be purchased by individuals with a valid defence.

A UKARA Registration or relevant Airsoft Defence is required for purchasing any of our Replica Airsoft guns.  UKARA is not required for purchase of non-replica or two-tone, non-military colour guns.

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