Hiring an Airsoft gun

From the 15th February 2024, at StrikeFoce CQB, we will be offering our customers the rare opportunity to hire a “Wolverine MTW Gen 3 Unleashed” all-inclusive within their hire package.

The “Wolverine MTW Gen 3 Unleashed”, is the leading edge of HPA (High Pressure Air) weapon systems.

Our Wolverines are fitted with a 13ci tank stock, which delivers approximately 1400 shots.

Included with your Hire Package at StrikeForce CQB:
•  Wolverine MTW Gen 3 Unleashed.
•  Your first air fill (tank refills are available at the hire desk for £3.00 per fill).
•  Unlimited BBs.
•  Full Face Mask.

Included with your Hire Package at The Trail Woodland:
• G&G M4 Full Stock Electric Rifle.
• Full Face Mask.
• 3300 BBs.

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