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Repair, upgrades and servicing

StrikeForce Airsoft offers a comprehensive repair, maintenance and upgrade service for most airsoft guns.

Strikeforce Airsoft Repairs upgrades and servicing

Our most common services are listed below, together with example prices.  We charge £20 per hour, or increments of £5 per quarter hour.

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements or technical issue your Airsoft RIF has developed.

  • General service:  Complete gearbox disassembly, regrease, reshim, check all internal components, plus replacement or upgrade of parts if required.
    • From £40, plus parts.
  • Deans connector fitted:  Changing your gun or batteries to Deans.
    • £3 inclusive, per connector fitted to battery or gun.
  • FPS Downgrade: If your Airsoft guns FPS it to high (aka shooting Hot) we can downgrade it for you.
    • From £20, plus parts.
  • FPS Upgrade:  We can change the internal spring in your gearbox and check air compression of your piston head, cylinder, barrel, hop rubber and Hop Chamber.
    • From £20, plus parts.
  • Gate Titan installs:  In our opinion – the best trigger system on the market!  Perfect for that CQB fast trigger response, burst fire modes, DMR and sniper trigger delays, programable from your smart phone to do just about anything you want from your Airsoft gun.
    • From £60, plus parts.
  • Motor upgrades:  Is your motor running slow or you have a poor trigger response?  We’ll change the motor to give your gun a new lease of life and your wonder why you didn’t change it a long time ago!
    • From £5, plus parts.
  • Gearbox Rebuilds:  Replacement of stripped gears, bearings, bushes, pistons, motor pinions, tappet plates, nozzles, gearbox cases.  If it’s broken – we can fix it!
    • From £40, plus parts.
  • Range problems:  Not getting the range you should?  We’ll check your hop chamber is adjusting correctly, barrel alignment, and replace the hop rubber and inner barrel if required.
    • From £5, plus parts.

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